Hannah Klamecki, 5, and her grandfather David, 62, were taking a boat ride on the Kankakee River on Wednesday when they decided to go for a swim to cool off. After jumping off of their boat, they realized that the current was too strong, and it swept them away. The two were feared dead after they had gone missing. Their fears were realized when they found the grandfather’s body early Friday morning near the island. Then, just before 10:30 a.m. that day, Hannah was found walking in the wilderness about three-quarters of a mile from the shore. Everyone is calling her survival a miracle.

Hannah was naked, scratched, and holding raspberries when found. She also had a bad case of poison ivy on her legs, and her feet were cut from splinters and thorns making it difficult to walk. She had been walking around looking for her grandparents’ cottage. The wilderness around the home is littered with coyotes and deer. Hannah’s father, Mike, a senior pastor at New Hope Community Church in Villa Park, Illinois had just received news of his father’s death about a half-hour before the call came in that Hannah had been found. Searchers had seen her footprints on the beach, but believing she had drowned, they were using dive teams and sonar equipment to look for her body.

Hannah was taken to the hospital as a precaution after being rescued. Everyone is amazed that she was able to survive for so long. Besides crediting God for keeping her alive, Tricia Little, a family friend says that she had taught Hannah and her two younger sisters about the outdoors. She also had taken swimming classes last year at a community center in Villa Park and was to begin a new session next week. The girl was wearing water wings before jumping into the river and was able to pull herself out of the current using a branch. She is definitely a survivor.

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