Pythons Are on the Move in Florida

The Giant Reptiles are Popping Up in People’s Homes

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

It was just another day of mowing the roadsides and canals for Jesse Parker. Parker was working a roadside bush mower along the canal south of 12Th Street in Vero Beach when he hit something he thought was a pile of bricks.

“When I backed up, a head popped up. It was huge,” said Parker, who works for a company that does contract work for the county.

The head of a 16 ft. python, Parker said he’d only seen something like this “on Wild Kingdom.”

Vero Beach Animal Control Officer Bruce Dangerfield said the snake could have eventually grown to 25 t0 30 ft. in length. Dangerfield believes the snake was originally someones pet.

“There is plenty for them to eat out there” and warm canal waters to sustain the tropical creatures during the cold, he said. Source –

Dangerfield said the discovery of the 16 ft. python was the 20Th large python or boa Dangerfield has come across in the past ten years in Indian River County.

Two years ago another 16 ft. python was found, this time near 4Th St. and 58Th Ave. The snake was captured and given to a serpentarium near St. Cloud.

Vero Beach isn’t the only city in Florida where pythons seem to be the new neighbors.

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The New Urban Neighbor: Giant Pythons 


The New Urban Neighbor: Giant Pythons

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