On January 13 the much-anticipated Our Bodies: The Universe Within exhibit will be opening at the Detroit Science Center.

I saw a very similar exhibit to this (Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds) about two years ago in Chicago. It was stunning. While being in a room filled with artfully dissected corpses (and highly informative explanatory text and diagrams) was a tad disturbing, it was also humbling and awe-inspiring.

This exhibit looks to be absolutely fascinating, even though it’s not Body Worlds — which is a shame; von Hagen’s work is exceptional, and von Hagen himself pretty fascinating. Predictably, the display of skinned and dissected human bodies has kicked up a little controversy.

Interestingly, while the Body Worlds exhibit I saw went to great pains to distract from the fact that what was on display were the actual plastinated remains of humans, this exhibit coming to the Science Center is trumpeting the display of “Actual Human Bodies” as its primary selling point. I guess that’s the difference between Chicago and Detroit.

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