A research led by Dale Clayton, a biology professor at the University of Utah, has resulted in the invention of a dryer, which is capable of killing all parasites that live on the head, including lice and its eggs (nits), in a single treatment that lasts for half-a-hour. This new treatment is found to be much effective than chemical shampoos and douches.

Sucking Lice, which are found only on humans, are wingless parasitic insects that specialize to feed in certain areas of human body (like head). They spend their entire life on humans and have adapted themselves to live on humans. Lice are a problem that affects people from all walks of life and there are different ways to get rid of them.

The new dryer developed by Dale Clayton and his team blows air at a slightly lower temperature than the conventional hair dryers. This dryer kills the parasites (lice and nits) by drying them up. The team, which has named this new dryer as ‘Louse Buster’, is hopeful of launching this product across United States, within the next two years, after getting necessary approvals from regulatory authorities. The details of this invention appear in the November’s issue of the journal ‘Pediatrics’, which is published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.   

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