We do not all drive the same way. For some of us this means it takes a bit longer to get where we want to go or maybe we are the people who stay out of the fast lane (or should). Face it, there are a lot of people on the roads today who are flat out annoying.
   For instance, you have Captain IfIcannotturnyoucannotdriveby who, when he needs to turn left gets as far over to the right as he can so nobody can drive past until he executes his turn. How cool is that guy? And of course there is the classic Ms. Signalaturnfortwentymiles who never turns off their blinker…or turns in the direction s/he was signaling. 
      So between people doing bizarre things and people driving illegally competing with legal drivers for control of the streets and between the acceptance society has tacitly granted angry drivers we even have a name for the behavior of the less patient drivers. “Road rage”.
     Well, if you MUST be a jerk and show your complete lack of self control it would behoove you to select the people to raod rage on carefully. Not too long ago professional wrestler Ric Flair was accused of road rage and the guy that did the accusing took a pounding. Wrong person to road rage on. I have seen stories of people who tried to take out their road rage only to find their “victim” was packing heat and when the gunfire died down the rage did too…rather unhealthy.
     If there is a silver lining to most of these people with the road rage it is that they drive off so quickly that for the person they are angry at the incident is over almost instantly. Of course, for every rule there are exceptions.
    Take this road-raging genius, for example… if you really have to get road rage and choose to make sure you stop the guy, try to make sure your “victim” isn’t a cop…you might lose that one.

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