For several months now speculation has been rife that the ‘Next Big One’ from our friends at Google is going to be a web based file storage system. Although Google are tight lipped about it, The Wall Street Journal today added further fuel to the fire saying that we could see the fabled Gdrive within the next few months.

What is not clear is to where the WSJ got their information, they are an organization that usually runs credible stories. Wired also deem this story to have merit.

The exact nature and even name of this service is not known with some calling it ‘My Space’ and others Gdrive. The business model that Google will be using is also unclear, though it is likely to be a tiered system, with a certain amount of storage being given away for free to Google account holders, and a per yearly sliding fee scale for increased amounts of space. Oh and somewhere along the line I am sure the ubiquitous text ad’s will be making an appearance.

I’ll trough my crystal ball gazing into the fray, the free Gmail service has recently significantly increased the amount of available storage to almost 5 Gig per account, storage is cheap these days! So I predict that the free part of this service will be no less than 10 Gig. My other prediction is that this will become a file sharing haven! And one that is going to cause the RIAA heart failure! A wonderfully anonymous service, boy is that going to make it tough tracking down those pesky filesharers.

Simon Barrett  


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