That was one of my mothers favorite sayings. The hat makes the man. And according to some reports these statements are true. Indiana Jones has created not just a box office phenom but also a hat phenom. When I saw the press release I had to explore.

Fred Belinsky owner and founder of the 4-store California retail chain as well as a successful online enterprise explains:

 “Not only is the Indiana Jones hat the best selling headwear both online and in our stores, but men’s fedoras in general — a very important segment of the hat business today — can trace its resurgence to the first movie in 1981.”

So I hate to say it, my mother might have be right!

Belinsky explains that hats were hip up until JFK hit the scene. JFK preferred his hair to a lid. The industry seemed doomed. TV shows like Dallas helped a bit, and no doubt movies such as Urban Cowboy brought in a few more customers to the ailing industry, Indy though, is the savior. The Indiana Jones franchise has revitalized the entire hat world.

Indy hats are hard to keep in stock. Everyone should have a Fedora! I had one once, but it met it’s maker when a young lady decided to dump a pint of cider over it!

Simon Barrett

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