In yet another pitiful Ablenkungsmanöver (red herring) to distract the public from its own gastly shortcomings, Germany’s SPD is now calling for sanctions on energy-intensive American export products if the US (UmweltSchänder or environment desecrater) “continues to obstruct international agreements on climate protection”, one of the party’s tens of thousands leading environmental experts said yesterday. Never mind about Germany’s international agreements within the EU, though. That’s here in Europe and is different or something.

The SPD’s notorious Verständnis (understanding) for its own environmental inconsistencies when it comes to, say, dealing with Germany’s, hmmm, let us call it “powerful” German automobile lobby, this is of course anything but vorbildlich (exemplary) – just think car fan Schröder – but slamming the Empire of Environmental Evil always gets applause and doesn’t cost anything, which is of course das A und O (the essential thing) here.

And then of course there’s that nasty coal-burning power plant issue (23 of them are to be built) which nobody wants to talk about, either. Ideology is ideology and the party is always right, so there. That Chancellor Merkel’s party would be open to keeping Germany’s nuclear power plants up and running longer, for instance, thus making the construction of these plants possibly unnecessary, well, that’s tasteless and not open for discussion here, at least not with the SPD still in the government it isn’t. The SPD insists upon a complete nuclear shutdown (they learned this trick from the Greens).

So there we have it. The SPD, humiliated by Merkel having successfully painted herself as being the Climate Chancellor (she learned this from the SPD, they learned it from the Greens, etc. - too bad the green paint is coming off), will now take back the lead on climate change issues here in Germany and slam the world’s favorite scapegoat so Germans can sleep safely and soundly at night. Although they may have to wear those way cool air filter mask thingies while doing so.

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