Panicked German legislators worried about terror-stricken parents and hysterical school authorities have overreacted once again and drafted faint-hearted bills which would subject “developers, distributors and players” of violent online games to a fine and a maximum of one year in jail.

This crude and quite typical Aktionismus (starting numerous actions without proper planning, or thinking) comes as a direct reaction to the recent Amoklauf (running amok) incidents at German schools and is designed to give the public the impression that the state can solve their personal shortcomings by forbidding things that the public can already forbid itself. The state can’t solve those problems, of course, but it wants you to think that it can.

The parents who knowingly (or unknowingly) let their kids play this crap will not be touched by this legislation, of course. They can’t be touched or criticized because they are the victims again, or at least they want you to think they are, and victims (at least German ones) are sacrosanct in this country.

Censorship won’t stop violence like this, not unless it is parental censorship that takes place at home. That many families aren’t willing or in the position to do this is quite another matter, but the state is not in the position to do anything about that, either.

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