Some people are destined to have more than their obligatory fifteen minutes of fame. Bruce Darnell understands this and has acted accordingly. So be the first (not) to get your original “The Handbag Must Live” t-shirt here. And if you’re not sure you want that t-shirt just yet have a look at an exclusive collection of some of Bruce Darnell’s way coolest videos here. You can even find posters of this guy pushing friggin’ cell phones at LIDL now, too, for crying out loud.


Yup, everybody is absolutely crazy about Bruce around here these days. It’s a veritable Bruce boom. And it even looks like Germany’s Next Top Model show may soon have to start looking for its next top model catwalk trainer dude because of this. Bruce is off to bigger and better things. Was, noch besser (what, better than that)?

Why not? The sky’s the limit. After all, he did turn out to be the “secret star” of Germany’s Next Top Model show and somehow managed to outshine Heidi Klum and all of those other beautiful women traipsing around in, well, Bruce Darnell fashion. Yeah, right. Well that’s what one guy wrote here at least, although I’m convinced that he must be a closet Bruce Darnell fan.

Anyway, Germany’s ARD is trying to set Bruce up with a show of his own now. And I don’t really understand this because Bruce already is a show of his own. But if this adds more “drama, drama, drama” to his life, hey, more power to him. As long as you don’t take over for Anne Will later, Bruce, just keep knocking yourself out.

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