Germany is apparently losing more of its best young brains (and all of the other parts that go along with them) than previously assumed. One could argue that 2005 wasn’t the best of years here, but it certainly must have been better than 1954. And yet the numbers of predominantly young people leaving the country in 2005 (145,000) now rivals those of that bygone era.

And while industry representatives are sounding the alarm and blaming the usual suspects; the high taxes, social costs, and high wages which make it difficult to easily create new jobs, as well as the big problems with the education system everyone is so obsessed with these days, SPD politicians are putting the blame right back on German industry itself. They believe that these people have to leave the country because industry here won’t offer them any jobs, although they could.

The SPD, and pretty much every other political party out there for that matter, believe that German employers simply aren’t being verantwortlich (responsible) enough and are vainly attempting to appeal to their conscience, as if that could ever achieve anything. This is utter nonsense, of course. The political caste is still filled with those who seem to believe that Germany is alone in the world and can keep its little amusement park running on indefinitely as is.

The people leaving now know this and are not amused (that’s why they’re leaving). And one day, once the amusement park finally gets renovated (a real renovation) they, or others like them, will come back.

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