Well, not quite. But give the Germans some time and they might. According to an organization calling itself Privacy International, Germany may still have a long way to go before it can play in the big “surveillance society” league (see the black states on the map), but jumping from being number one in what the organization defines as “individual privacy” to number seven in one big leap for surveillance mankind is a pretty good performance nevertheless.

As you can imagine, privacy rights activists in Germany and elsewhere are shocked and mad as hell at these results. Of course they are not nearly as shocked and mad as hell as the potential terrorists and criminals in Germany and elsewhere are, but still. I mean, how could they be? Whether aspiring train bombers or old person beater-uppers, it seems wherever these individuals go these days they get caught red handed and brought to justice, albeit German justice, which isn’t particularly frightening or anything of course, but they get caught all the same. And all of this because of these stupid surveillance cameras everywhere restricting their individual privacy and human rights. This Big Brother stuff has just got to stop. Doesn’t it?

One thing I’m not entirely sure about here is the real, or perhaps deeper meaning behind the color scheme used on this map, however. Those black or near-black states on the European part, for instance, are those the countries that have been hit worst by terrorism in recent years and have begun defending themselves accordingly? What’s Germany’s excuse then? Personally, I don’t think it needs one. A little pro-action is fine with me. But, then again, I’m someone who trusts the government’s intentions here. And that disqualifies me as a wacko to begin with, I suppose.

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