“I thought she’d never leave,” muttered Polish President Kaczynski with clenched, smiling teeth as he waved goodbye to Chancellor Merkel at the airport. “Hope to see you soon…,” replied a smiling, waving Merkel back, before turning and entering her plane. “Not.”

While continuing diplomatic spats and other “issues” have added to the general impression of two neighboring countries with a less than optimal relationship, in reality the relations between Germany and Poland are really not that bad at all, being actually much more worse than you can probably imagine.

Kaczynski and his evil twin brother (or is he just a clone?) seem to take great personal and petty pleasure in still depicting Poland, the Poland of 2007, as the suffering victim of German aggression (as in World War II) and openly accusing Germany of being egotistical and selfish which is terribly rude indeed because that is precisely what Germany is. A petty and resentful Germany, for its part, appears to go out of its way in going out of Poland’s way in its slavish (Slavic?) dealings with Putin’s Russia.

And it’s kind of ironic, isn’t it? Merkel’s attempt at improving bilateral ties between the two countries comes right at a time when Poland is clearly working on improving its bilateral ties with the United States.

It would be fun to watch this made-for-TV show on a regular basis if it weren’t for the bitter aftertaste. Everybody knows that there will never be a satisfying resolution or happy end at the end. Germany and Poland just don’t trust or like each other, for a lot of “good” reasons. But being right about something, and they both are right, of course, doesn’t mean that they are necessarily doing the right thing.

Hey, whatever gets you through the night, I’d say.

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