Already fed up with the moaning of thousands of noch (still) employed Airbus employees at production facilities all across Europe, the head of the German Space Program (DLR), Walter Doellinger, has confirmed that his country may be prepared to bail out of the costly airplane building business and fly to the friggin’ moon instead.

According to Doellinger’s calculations, Germany’s first unmanned space shuttle could orbit the moon by 2013, years before the first commercial A380 super-duper-mega-jumbo is expected to go into operation.

Taking advantage of a general mood of disgruntlement and frustration in Berlin about the European consortium’s politically-motivated management mistakes that have led to the A380’s on-going production problems, Doellinger has slyly snuck in through an open backdoor at the Reichstag and presented his plan to interested German parliamentarians who have signalled to him that they are always more than happy to make politically-motivated management mistakes of their own.

“We want to show that Germany has the know-how,” said Doellinger later to reporters. “And now that we now know that we have the know-how to toss all this money down the endless Airbus feeding tube, as you know, then we certainly must have the know-how to know how to shell out a measly 400 million euros for a quick little ride to the moon, you know?”

A high-ranking official for the German economic ministry said Berlin was “not negatively disposed” towards the plan, although it appeared to be missing specific goals and timelines concerning the inevitable poor planning and costly delays. Doellinger has promised to deliver these “as soon as possible”, however.

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