In response to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s announcement on Monday that his country is now capable of enriching uranium on an industrial scale, German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung now sees no reason for the US not to begin building its planned central European missile shield on an industrial scale itself.

Jung, a Christian Democrat in the ruling coalition government in Germany, is the first high-ranking Berlin official to speak out strongly in favor of the missile shield plan. Washington wants to build a radar station in the Czech Republic and a missile battery of ten missiles in Poland as a shield against possible nuclear attacks from clearly wacko states (some call them rogue) like Iran and North Korea.

But this plan has met with opposition among the ruling coalition Jung belongs to as those opposing it (SPD and co.) are 1) having desperate trouble finding something they can properly oppose in order to better define themselves for an ever-approaching election, 2) are overly concerned about appeasing Russian President Vladimir Putin who is also playing the reelection game in Russia, and 3) are still firmly stuck in their romantic-Cold-War-era-peacenik-ideology which no longer has anything to do with the world we now live in (never did) or the issue at hand.

Jung believes that “The threats have changed. We are facing threats related to international terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, proliferation and crisis and conflict situations. We have to react to that.” He believes that “Timely precautions must be taken against the foreseeable increase of the range of offensive missiles of certain problem states.” He means “timely” as in before the wackos will be ready to fire them, you see. Of course he also believes that diplomacy can still avert Iran’s nuclear plans. But that’s okay. It’s always a good thing when you can believe in something.

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