Germans have found the intense, religious issue of the day that they feel must be fought to the hilt. It’s a matter of a deep consequence and a threat to the safety of the German people. This religious order is a “Militant-aggressive” one that is “a dangerous, extremist organization which has declared war on Europe.”

So, which religion do ya think it is that the Germans are all worried about?


Uh, no.

It’s Scientology,

It shouldn’t take much more proof than this that Germans in particular and Europeans in general have a complete lack of understanding of the times in which we live. If Scientology is their biggest fear as Islamofascists are cavorting about the world cutting off heads and blowing up tourist spots killing thousands on a daily basis, then it would seem that these people deserve all the damage that Islam will cause them.

After all, what Scientologist is currently putting the finishing touches on his suicide bomb belt and preparing for his martyrdom as we speak? Surely not a one. On the other hand, it is sure that several dozen Muslims are doing so at any given moment of the day.

I am certainly not a supporter of this cultic, foolishness that kitchy Hollyweird hedonists fall for, but to imagine that Scientology is so “dangerous” that it is a bigger threat than Islam is… well… just as nutty as any Scientologist’s so-called religion!

So, folks, we have one more example of why Europe will never, ever be an ally or a help in the war against radical Islam. You can’t fight something you don’t even recognize as an enemy and they surely don’t have the first inclination that Islam is out to destroy them.

Like Scientology, Islam is right in their midst. But unlike Scientology, Islam has actually proven that it is dangerous, murderous and a threat to civilization.

What is wrong with the Germans?

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