After seven hours of negotiation reaching late into the night, nobody in the Merkel government could go fifty-fifty any further so they reached a completely laughable cop-out compromise on the health system “reform” which saved the current grand coalition government (as in grand theft auto) – at least for the moment. In other words, the SPD won.

Clearly unable to do anything about the old bureaucracy, they created a new one instead. They will call this new monster the “central federal health fund” and it will be nothing other than a REALLY BIG band-aid which will be applied with pressure upon the gaping wound of the old system, should it have any more blood to lose by then (2009).

This is a first step to “streamline” the system, we are told, and will most certainly lead to bringing down the 14 percent of salary German insurers now have to pay for health care (and the employers have to match that) and will eventually bring down the 140 billion euros a year the monstrous bureaucracy burns up (with an ever aging population) and as soon as the good fairies clap their hands there will be a loud “poof” and the Lorelei Rock will turn into gold.

“Breakthroughs” like these are necessary here in Germany from time to time in order to keep certain lebensnotwendige (indispensable) myths going. No, not the Lorelei one, in this case it’s the one they like to call “solidarity”.

That the current system is already extinct and doesn’t know it yet and that everybody is already losing under the current form of solidarity doesn’t really matter. A compromise was reached and that’s always a good thing. Isn’t it?

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