Germany and Japan Also Warred Against Nations to Occupy Them, Senator McCain!

I simply don’t get the media’s total failure to challenge Senator’s false parallel between our post WW2 occupations of Germany and Japan and our current occupation of Iraq. Anyone alive and thinking during WW2 is fully aware of its horrors — the brutal occupations by Japan of neighboring nations and the Nazi Blitzkrieg wars in Europe — ending with the death and suffering of many millions — with torture and murders galore thrown in as well. Those who collaborated with these criminal regimes were later dealt with as were their leaders still alive.

Senator McCain seems totally obvious to the fact that we are the aggressor nation which has now killed many thousands in Iraq and has soiled our reputation with our brutal illegal conduct. For the record there are two absolute prohibitions in our U.S. Constitution — against slavery and torture. We are on record as boasting the latter and our conduct towards our captives is close to the former.

Will someone try to educate McCain as best as possible. He was one of the dumbest in his training classes for becoming an officer. His mind seems frail and scattered. He tells jokes about things that are horrors — the U.S. is “whining and complaining” about the effects of our sinking economy? With one or more hundred millions and seven homes presumably staffed by servants, he is far removed from where so many of us are, struggling to pay bills, keep jobs, just staying alive to care for our families — or out on the streets.

This jolly fellow strikes me as a horror in line with the happy Nazis who followed their leaders back when. I recall their beer fests and singing from the Movietone News portrayals that used to scare us as small children back then. McCain would fit right in.

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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