While State Department officials in Washington say that Germany is still fully committed to pursuing stepped-up sanctions against the nuclear weapons-bound regime in Tehran, other reports indicate that German opposition to further sanctions is actually expected and may push the United States closer toward taking an even harder stance vis-à-vis Iran (you didn’t think that was possible, right?). You know, like say, oh, a military strike or something?

“Germany once again reiterated the fact that it is fully supportive of a new U.N. resolution,” said State Department spokesman Sean McCormack. “With sanctions, and we are all on the same page in terms of substance as well as timing.” But reports from Berlin quote German officials there as saying they want to allow ongoing diplomatic initiatives a chance to succeed before slapping Tehran with the next set (the third set) of sanctions. You know, give peace a chance (the third chance) and all that?

Anyway, these new top secret military strike plans (in my country, plans like these are always leaked to journalists months or even years before the actual attack takes place, that’s just what we do) envision cutting off the Iranian gas supply which would then pressure the Iranians towards action against their government. Then an aerial bombing campaign would take place which would kill all of these rebels (just joking, – the rebel part, I mean – ha, ha) and would paralyze Iranian defenses and allow bombers to destroy the offending nuclear facilities. Well, I find them offending.

Personally, I am firmly convinced that none of these reports are true. Not one. Or maybe doch, maybe all of them are, hard to say for sure. This is reassuring. Or maybe it isn’t, come to think of it. But it depends. So let’s just stay tuned. As if we had a choice in the matter.

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