Always prepared to pass along good advice to someone else, German Economics Minister Michael Glos has called upon the United States to do something about the sliding dollar. “Hello, Earth to US, Earth to US,” he said before a less than amused Bundestag that represents, among other things, big important German exporters who are now slowly starting to feel the growing exchange-rate pressure doch (after all). “Puh-lease slow down the dollar’s free fall now. It’s been fun, I’m sure, but I think we’ve all had enough. Bitte kommen (Do you read me?)”

Speaking during a budget debate in the German parliament, Glos lectured Washington about not trying to “fix structural problems in the US economy” by devaluing the dollar. “We don’t understand why you would be trying to fix structural problems with your economy in the first place.” He said. “We have certainly never considered doing such a thing so why should you?”

“Not even that economy (meaning the US one) will benefit in the long term if the dollar is allowed to fall too far,” said a nervous Glos. When later asked why no one seemed concerned about the artificially weak Chinese Yuan, Glos said “Well, that’s different, or something. And none of our business, of course.”

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