Not wirklich (really) all that terribly interested in boring little issues like getting together on sanctions against Iran or sending German troops to southern Afghanistan, German politicians and journalists from both ends of the political spectrum plan to use President George W. Bush’s visit to Germany today as a platform to bombard him with questions about Barrack Obama.

Still reeling after continually falling all over themselves to fawn over the charismatic, beer guzzling Democratic presidential candidate, the obsequious Germans have put together thousands of inane questions of overriding German public interest.

“I mean like, you live in Washington, still,” one excited German will surely ask. “Like have you ever actually seen him or anything? Is it true that he smokes? He’s quite a bowler, I’ve heard. Ever seen him in action at the lanes?”

“My girlfriend tells me that Obama is a direct cross between John F. Kenney, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi,” another German is expected to ask. “Is that really true? I mean, biologically speaking and all, those three dudes were all men and only two of them were Americans, you know.”

White House spokesman insist that the President will categorically refuse to answer any Obama questions directed toward him out of the deepest and utmost respect to the candidate and besides he would never dare to say his name out loud when others are listening anyway, much less speak about him in public.

“Expectations may be exaggerated.”

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