Germany still hasn’t got it with this Tom Cruise thing. Let me try and explain as best I can.

Of course Tom Cruise is a nut case. That’s his job. Of course Scientology is a crock of nonsense and a business, “a totalitarian and exploitative cult masquerading as a religion” (name a church out there that isn’t, hardy, har, har). And of course the latest German denial to allow him to film parts of his new film at the Bendlerblock is directly related to the fact that he is a Scientologist, despite yet another denial that it isn’t (there have actually been a whole lot more German denials out there than these few over the years, by the way)

And the best denial of all, of course, is that it is undeniable how a Hollywood film like this would cast a very positive light on Germany – for once – and that the Germans, in typical German fashion, I might add, are doing absolutely everything in their power to prevent this. They are taking all of this way too seriously, in other words.

And don’t come at me with Tom Cruise is a lousy actor, either. After all, von Stauffenberg was a lousy assassin. These guys are made for each other.

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