Taking full advantage of its highly responsible European Union presidency role (not), and living up to its promise of making the environment one of its top priorities (not), Germany now appears to be actively undermining European Union efforts to help combat climate change.

Normally very vocal about proclaiming itself a role model for all things that have to do with European goodness and niceness and political correctness, the Streber (smug-eager-beaver-social-climber-teacher’s-pet type) nation now opposes a number of recent EU proposals meant to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, including CO2 reductions for new cars, a speed limit law, and a general emissions quota for 2008-2012. What is more, no one in the German media Landschaft (countryside) or political opposition appears to give a hoot.

According to EU environment minister Stavros Dimas, Germany needs to start setting a better example, and is anything but a leader in environment policy; countries like Britain and Sweden being much further along here. If Germany continues to hide behind its inaction, other European nations will start doing the same.

Clearly surprised that anyone could fail to understand the missing logic behind such environmentally unfriendly decisions, Chancellor Merkel put on her best innocent lamb look and explained that Germany is already responsible for 75 percent of the reduction in greenhouse gases that has yet to take place in Europe between 2008 and 2012.

After her statement, scientists in her immediate vicinity detected a sharp spike in the increase of the dreaded and environmentally unsound “hot air” gas. Security guards quickly whisked her away from the scene. Thankfully, the increase was only a temporary one, they think.

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