A federal prosecutor in Germany has refused to investigate a criminal complaint filed against former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other top US officials accusing them of war crimes and torture in Iraq.

It appears as if the accusations filed last November do not apply to a way special and thoroughly important German law that allows one nation, over God (Germany), to prosecute anyone, anywhere at anytime on any known planet for war crimes, repeated parking violations or other such “totally groady things”, preferably Americans versteht sich (it’s understood), but has never really “taken off” as a law yet for some inexplicable reason.

Legal experts now expect charges soon to be dropped against Russian Czar-like President Vladimir Putin, too. If the charges had ever been made versteht sich (it’s understood), that is. The many charges, ranging from “holding German society hostage to energy policy” to “arrogantly trampling on the right of free speech” to “being responsible for thinly-veiled political assassination at home and abroad” to “coming out as a threatening bully prick” were somehow never filed by any group of self-righteous, anti-Russian, German concernniks anywhere at anytime. But like hey, now that the Rumsfeld case was dropped who cares anyway?

And after all, as quoted in a Chinese paper covering the Putin “issue” (the important word is Chinese here), the German government firmly believes that “threats won’t help” when it comes to spats between good buddies like this. Threats from Germany, versteht sich (it’s understood).

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