Would you watch a show called „I’m a star, get me out of here“? Of course you would. As a matter of fact you already do, in your own country, I’m sure. I would, too. Or I did, once. And it wouldn’t really matter to you that you don’t know any of the stars because they are German stars, would it? And it wouldn’t really matter that these stars aren’t exactly well-known German stars because they are only B and C Class stars (tops) with a shelf life that has actually already run out otherwise they would not have allowed themselves to be placed in a jungle like that in the first place, right?

But what these Germans do to one another once they are placed in their little private Idaho jungle nest is quite another matter. It would bother you. Or at least it should. That’s when they start starving them and depriving them of sleep and give them weird stuff to eat. And they do this until the weakest of these B and C Class stars have had enough (which doesn’t take very long). They get malleted with enough malice and bonked with enough debasement until they break down altogether and get airlifted out and their pitiful little non-careers which never quite happened are officially over for good. You know, their silly dreams (but dreams all the same) get destroyed in public for the rest of us to enjoy. Brutal eben (brutal, that’s all), the way we keep telling each other life is or has to be. I think this is also how the Romans would have done their documentary-soaps, only with more lions.

Oh really? That’s exactly how it works in all the other versions of this show in all the other countries out there where this thing plays? Live and learn.

Oh well, like the Germans say: “Schadenfreude (malicious joy) is the best kind of fun.” So let’s see who gets grinded up next week. Or I’ll let you see it and just read about it in the paper the next day.

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