Hey, this was definitely not abgesprochen (discussed with us first). First he and his ex-wife pull that disappearing Bulgarian nurse hat trick, then he lectures the Germans about the blessings of nuclear energy and gets all huffy with Angie about something called Europe, now Nicolas Sarkozy has hit a French-American home run at a joint meeting of the US Congress by hitting a French-American home run at a joint meeting of the US Congress. And this guy wouldn’t know a baseball bat from a baguette.

Yesterday’s schmooze fest in Washington turned German stomachs two or three times in rapid succession at the very least. Not only did Sarkozy mange to charm the tight-fitting pants off of hundreds of American congresspersons by expressing (convincingly) his admiration and thanks to the United States and, through this, receiving absolution for having opposed the war in Iraq, he gets a standing ovation for clarifying once again that a nuclear-armed Iran was “unacceptable” for France.

The American Congress was apparently so impressed with the French President’s speech that they are said to be considering the reintroduction of so-called French fries in their cafeteria again.

Of course the Germans are perfectly aware that this could all just be another even trickier French trick to take the Americans off guard so they can pull the rug out from under their feet later, but then they would have surely been let in on the deal, right? One can only hope that Angie will be able to patch things down a little during her upcoming incarceration, I mean stay, at Prairie Chapel.

Vive la Hamburger !

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