Climate change (hysteria) has gotten so out of hand in Germany these days that strong traces of the dangerous long-lost-delusions-of-grandeur gas are suddenly being detected all over the atmosphere. Fear, loathing and anxiety attacks have affected German political judgment to such a degree that even “the last taboo” has now been broken: German vacationers are being asked to stay home. You heard that right; vacation here in Germany – with Germans.

Rudely awakened by the terrifying prospect of weniger (less) far and wide vacation adventure and unavoidable masses of Landsleute (fellow countrymen) hogging the beach chairs, mass media monsters like the Bild are rallying their public’s opinion to yet another new high-fevered pitch.

“Are We Germans Supposed to Save the World on our own?” writes the rag. “We Germans are for environmental protection! We’re also prepared to make sacrifices for the environment. But sometimes one gets the impression: We’re supposed to save the earth ourselves!” And further: “What are the biggest polluters, the USA, Russia and China, doing to save the planet?”

That’s none of their damned business, of course, but unfortunately it doesn’t stop here. Even serious publications for readers with Niveau (fewer pictures of naked women) like the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung or the Handelsblatt are moaning about a “climate discussion that lacks all sense of proportion”; a discussion that is asking more of Germany, in other words.

Many Germans, simply unable to handle the mounting stress anymore, are fleeing into German escapism by watching a terribly popular TV movie about another type of German escapism called Die Flucht (the escape or flight), a two-part series showing the German flight from advancing Red Army forces in Eastern Prussia (Poland) at the end of World War II.

These victims of climate change can easily relate to those victims of violence, it seems. But of course they always could, couldn’t they? Provided the victims were/are German.

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