They are Weltmeister (world champions) when it comes to stress, in other words. Another Ipsos survey has determined that Germans are the most regularly stressed-out people in the industrialized world. The British are about to explode, too, so the survey, while the Spanish see the world in a much more kicked-back fashion (must be the siestas). The Mexicans, with 50 million people living below the poverty line and, on the one hand, understandably worried about money, are nevertheless the least stressed of all. Like, mañana dude.

Just over half of the Germans surveyed said they “frequently” felt stressed, the highest percentage of any of the countries polled. And thirty-seven per cent of them blamed it on their job. It seems that they and the British and everybody else from the more affluent countries are less worried about poverty as they are about what they have to do for a living – or how much longer they are going to be allowed to do it.

But these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, I find. Of the one thousand people representing the nine countries surveyed, the Germans moaned so much and so loudly that several of the poll takers couldn’t take the stress anymore and quit on the spot. I mean, were their numbers factored into the equation, too?

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