German police have raided an illegally occupied beech tree in Dresden which was scheduled for execution in order to make room for the construction of the controversial Waldschlößchenbrücke (say that ten times really fast) bridge. The tree had been the temporary home for dozens of Robin Wood activists who had been living there since December 12 and have now been scattered in all directions to look for other trees to save, or at least hug.

That the building of such a beautiful new bridge (Germans make way cool bridges) could cause such a fuss may seem strange enough for outsiders like you or at the very least me, but it is actually quite a common phenomenon here. Anything that is new and big and “technological” is immediately suspekt (dubious) to a substantial portion of the population here, in Germany of all places, and usually stays that way for a generation or two until their views become too much of an embarrassment for their children and grandchildren, should they choose to have any, which is doubtful of course.

This tree is old, relatively small and non-technological, you see. Or it at least it uses a technology that we do not fully understand yet.

How much time the tree has been given before the next execution date is set is not clear at the moment, but most feel nothing can save it now, except perhaps a German girlfriend.

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