Just when you think NASA is finally getting back up on its feet again… Sheesh. Then some Klugscheißer (smart alec) 13-year-old German schoolboy comes along and double-checks their math (always a good idea, I think) and finds out that the Apophis asteroid does not in fact have a 1 in 45,000 chance of whacking our planet in 2029 or when it comes around for a second try in 2036, like we thought it did. No, no. The chance is more like 1 in 450, the little smartass and his smartasteroid calculations say.

Thanks for clearing that up for everybody, Nico.

This really pisses me off, you know. My calculations on the Apophis asteroid had been more like around 1 in 47,000 (how were yours?) so like what the hell does this little dweeb know that I, I mean, you or even we, don’t? The German school system is in a shambles, you know. Just go and ask any German and he or she will tell you so. This isn’t supposed to happen. Just like that deep impact of Apophis somewhere near Las Vegas wasn’t supposed to happen, either. Not until Mr. Schlaumeier (smarty-pants) came along and started recalculating everything, that is.

Well, there is a bright side to all of this, I suppose. Both NASA and Nico have agreed that if Apophis does collide with the Earth, it will create a ball of iron and iridum which will be 320 meters wide and weigh 200 billion tons and that the tsunamis and/or dust clouds it will create will pretty much wipe out pretty much all of the people you may know pretty much, yourself included, which ain’t pretty, but at least their numbers jived on that one. So NASA is back in the ballgame.

“Put your head between your legs and, well, you know the rest.”

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