About half of all German public school teachers are currently worried about their private as in privacy rights being violated. It seems that their students have been grading them for a change and posting these assessments on a popular web site, and this without the teachers’ approval, needless to say. And the reason why only half of these teachers are currently up-in-arms about the situation is because only about half of them ever go to work at any given time. The others are usually either written up sick (“Ich bin ja voll im Endstress eh und du kommst mit so ne’ Scheisse!”), on early retirement or out on vacation like right now. Die Jammerlappen (cry babies).

More than 150,000 users have registered on the site so far and have graded over 100,000 teachers. The site’s staff has also had to defend their idea in court. But judges ruled in June that grading teachers on the Internet is covered under the basic right to free expression. At least for the moment, it is.

So now some of the official teaching talking head types are trying to play their concern down publicly. “In the end, these silly evaluations do not really reveal very much,” said one spokesman for the German Teachers Association. “They are just as inaccurate as the silly evaluations we give the kids.”

And some of these teachers are actually quite clever and, having so much time on their hands as they do, are now starting to get ideas and open up to the idea. One guy recently registered himself as a pupil and then posted high grades for himself and his buds and managed to place some of them on the Germany’s Best Teachers Top 10 rankings list.

Well, at least the home-schooling types don’t have anything to worry about here. There aren’t any. And I wonder how they rated her?

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