In a surprise move to anyone living in Germany with less than five or ten million euros at his or her disposal and who may even have to actually work for a living, reports are rolling in that German armored vehicles filled with money have been rolling into the small, landlocked, quaint, peace-loving alpine principality of Liechtenstein. Of course the really surprising thing is that rich Germans and their money have been rolling into Liechtenstein like this for as long as anyone in the know can remember and why it is that this is suddenly considered to be an such an issue right now.

But after what started out last week as an investigation into organized crime lead to discoveries of massive tax evasion and the subsequent fall of one of Germany’s most prominent managers, Germans are all hot and bothered about the latest tale of big time unbridled avarice and greed at the highest of German social levels and will continue to be that way for the next three to four days at least.

German tax investigators, always adept at “organizing” paid informants, have paid an underground contact man type in Liechtenstein more than $7 million (about 300 euros or a really expensive dinner there) to provide them with a CD detailing the bank accounts of hundreds of much too wealthy and most likely way too prominent German citizens whose armored money-transporting vehicles just won’t stop invading his country already. They have also promised to give him a new identity, but cheap as they are, this will probably only consist of one of those Groucho Marx glasses with nose and mustache thingies.

The Liechtenstein banking group LGT Treuhand behind the banking part of the scandal, controlled by the country’s royal family by the way (“money doesn’t stink”), has lodged criminal proceedings against the “unknown person rat fink” who is now shaking up their quaint little alpine world. This could maybe even lead to war with Germany or something. And that would definetely not be smart because the German invading part has already taken place and would put those unfair wealthy Germans at an unfair advantage. Again, as usual, I mean.

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