Or at least he did for a minute or two. Apparently still under shock at having discovered that rescue crews where not already patiently waiting below to pull his thoroughly lucky ass out of the burning plane, a German survivor of the flight that crashed during a monsoon rainstorm in Phuket, Thailand has expressed his disappointment at having had to rescue himself selbst (all by himself).

Germans are convinced that someone “responsible” for “the situation”, whatever the situation, will always be there waiting for them, orderly directing things and, well, taking care of said situation. When this isn’t the case (and this type of thing has actually been known to happen during events like plane crashes, earthquakes and tsunamis, 9/11 attacks, etc.) they get really miffed. It puts them on the spot and makes them feel ill at ease and they just really resent it, when you get right down to it. And that’s what happened to this guy.

The Thai person responsible for knowing that the plane was going to crash and organizing the rescue efforts ahead of time that day was obviously not doing his or her job and that type of thing is like totally unerhört (unheard of) and unverschämt (unconscionable).

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t one always supposed to pull oneself out of burning planes all by one’s self whenever this opportunity presents itself to said self already? Well that’s what I learned in kindergarten. Or was it in high school, I forget.

So imagine, if you can, a German version of Lost: Are they going to still be waiting inside the plane wreckage after the third season or what? It just wouldn’t be that spannend (suspenseful), I think. But it would probably be the more responsible thing to do, I suppose.

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