Andre Handrup

German Sport Spunter needs the services of a Gambian sports journalist!

By André Handrup, Sport Spunter, Germany.


I am a professional sport spunter means I earn my money with betting which is similar to working on the stockmarket. On the stockmarket you buy stocks depending on the price as you rate the companys diferent then the market reflects it.

In the betting market you rate the teams and “buy” the prices if you believe a team has more chances to win then the odds reflect. An odd 2,00 means the bookmakers who offers this team win give the team 50% chances to win (100/2,0=50%). If I rate now that the team has more chances based on my personal ratings and analyzes I “Buy” this price as in the long run on this way I will make profit as the price is to high in relation to how it should be.
As I cover a lot of youth tournaments like this I search for african sportsjournalist which have a knowledge about the diferent teams like Under 20 now in canada as well like adult and women teams for the worldwide (as well africanwide) competitions which will appear in the future.
What I am interested in to know is:
– the squad incluuding positions, the club they play for and if possible a rating how good this player is, especially on international level
– the last games of the team, including preparation games, not only results but as well a short summary for every game.
– a general overview how the team should be rated and what can be expected from them
This counts for all african countries, for the near future especially Gambia, Sambia, Congo and Nigeria as those teams will participate in he Under 20 WC in Canada.
So if you have the possibilities to bring me in contact with people with potential for that would be great. Like I wrote of course Iwould pay for this analyzes, the concrete amounts have to be negociated.
Like requestes as well a foto in the attachment.
Cheers and hope to hear fro you
André Handrup can be reached by email
Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, May 30, 2007)
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