The German conSCENTution is rePUTRID to be the one of the most STRINGENT protectors of freedom known to man. But no one is inFOULible, it seems. Security concerns for the upcoming G8 summit are REEKing havoc among “POTENTially violent” protesters who SMELL a rat because their SCENTS are being collected by the police using methods reminiSCENT of the old East German SECRETE Police, or Stasi.

In a FRAGRENT violation of their rights, so the protesters, the German state has gone on the OFFENSIVE and is now running RANCID throughout the nation, collecting human scents to trace REVOLTING activists they believe will try to violently disrupt the summit. “No taxation with my PERSPERATION!” they cry, or could, but probably won’t, come to think of it.

I MUSK admit, any deSCENT person would and should be INCENSEd at the INCENSEative methods German police are now undertaking to keep ODOR. And you have to EMIT that it is still a very DIFFUSE situation and if the protesters take ISSUE with that, well, this is nothing to SNIFF at.

But nobody NOSE for sure what these activists are really planning. Remember the violent riots in Genoa back in 2001? What a sorry PERFUMEance that was. And I wouldn’t give them two SCENTS for any promise of good behavior they may make now. I suppose that only time will SMELL for sure.

So if you are planning to be doing any vacationing up near Heiligendamm at the Baltic Sea, it’s up there near the ODOR river I think, and provided you have a nice AROMA with a view, don’t say I didn’t warn you. WHIFF a little caution you should recognize the PUNGENCY of the situation in time and get the hell out of there while the going’s still good. Because WHIFF friends like that, you don’t need enemies.

A STENCH in time saves nine, I always say.

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