“Chancellor Merkel cannot hide behind the Americans” says German Green Party leader Fritz Kuhn. “If Germany and the EU blindly follow America’s lead, we will have no capacity to de-escalate the situation.”

Yup, it’s the same old same old all over again. Concerned Germans everywhere are concerned once again that their chancellor is not concerned enough about using the German “capacity to de-escalate” a touchy situation (this time in Iran), whatever that means. One can only suppose they are referring to the former chancellor’s breathtaking capacity at de-escalating the situation in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Before other forces marched in and tossed the dictator out of power, I mean.

Or maybe they mean the de-escalation of the pressure that is now slowly but surely being placed upon Iranian President Ahmadinejad and his mullah board of directors, that laugh-a-minute group of peace-loving-German-friendly-good-old-business-buddies who are actually fun guys to be with, although they unfortunately never get tired of denying the Holocaust and dishing out hate-filled tirades against Israel, another good-body of Germany… kind of. And after all, if Iran says it is not developing nuclear weapons, than that’s good enough for you, our little Green friends, right?

Perhaps the de-escalation capacity they are talking about here actually refers to something else. Maybe they mean that it is high time to de-escalate the palpable process being made by the current German government in mending the broken German-American “relationship”. If that is what they are referring to, then heaven help us. They are really capable at that.

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