The German justice system is just as screwed up as it is everywhere else, only different. Not satisfied with merely having a flawed system, the Germans have devised one that regularly blows up in their faces, as well. And nobody even notices anymore. Or maybe I’m the only one that sees it that way. It’s another one of these think-of-our-history-let’s-be-über-politically-correct-and-turn-the-thing-on-its-head-again kind of things.

Think Dirty Harry without the happy end (well, I thought it was a happy end). A convicted child killer is demanding 10,000 euros Schmerzensgeld (compensation) for legal expenses from the state because a cop interrogating him threatened him with torture (a German Dirty Harry can only threaten, of course). The Federal Constitutional Court thinks this is a reasonable thing to demand and has basically told a lower court to give it to him.

This guy has been given a life sentence here which comes out to fifteen years tops and then gets the equivalent of some nice little Startkapital (seed capital) for when he comes out to kill again? Why not? But do the murdered child’s parents get any? Oh, they’re rich so they don’t need it and that’s why the kid got murdered in the first place (being rich here is practically a crime too, by the way). And the cop and the cop’s boss who condoned the threat? They’re through, of course. We do live by rule of law here, after all.

I think this cop and his boss deserve a medal for bravery, if only the Germans had such a thing. Oh, they do now doch (after all)? But this isn’t Hollywood and they’re not in the German army, much less in combat. Unless you want to call it the combat for truth, that is.

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