No, this isn’t the Kaaba. It’s the Leibniz Rechenzentrum, an automated supercomputer center located near Munich (some say the Borgs put it here). But if you believe some of the news reports floating around Germany these days, maybe this form was intentionally chosen with “The Sacred House” in mind.

Not only has the number of Germans who have converted to Islam increased fourfold within one year (there are now eight – hardy, har, har), the rate of conversion seems to be increasing at a breathtaking rate (not). The real number of converts is actually only around 4000 or so, with about 300 additional converts a year – at the moment.

This “phenomenon” shouldn’t really surprise anyone out there who understands how the German mind ticks, however. After all, the image of Islam in Germany at the moment is clearly one of a religion associated with terrorism, forced marriages and honor killings, so those converting must feel that it can only geht aufwärts (get better) from here. Or maybe they’re thinking something else. Hard to say, I never claimed to understand how the German mind ticks.

But one German “sociologist of religion” who does, and who has investigated converts both here and in the United States, says that the prime motive for conversion is either “overcoming a personal crisis” or “wanting to be different”. Well, one out of two ain’t bad.

And if you ever feel the need to delve a little deeper into this subject, just tune in on the German streaming internet broadcast “Voice of the Caliphate” sometime. And may the force be with you, whether you are a Borg or not.

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