Incorporating German into jihadist terror propaganda seems to be all the rage with those in rage these days. And according to a German Internet security group called Pan Amp, the translated or subtitled Islamist hate that the Global Islamic Media Front gathers from all over the world and presents fresh daily on its site is most likely being launched from a server in Erfurt. That’s in the mythical eastern part of Germany, by the way.


The most recent posts are some wild and crazy videos of the two German hostages being held in Iraq. Germans just love wild and crazy videos, by the way. In March the group issued a threat with German subtitles to the German and Austrian governments, demanding that they withdraw their troops from Afghanistan or face terror attacks.

Clearly getting annoyed, Germany’s federal prosecution office is now finally actively investigating the site, on the suspicion that its operators might possibly could be maybe perhaps supporting a terror group. This is actually illegal in Germany, by the way. Believe it or not.

Something tells me that if it were a site trying to push the sale of Mein Kampf they would have that puppy shut down in three hours. Mein Kampf is a bad though rather old book that is illegal here because it poses a direct and present danger to Germany in the year 2007, you see. Islamic terror is still quite abstract, however.

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