Encouraged if not intoxicated by the ever-growing strength of the re-emerging German powerhouse, a German regional parliamentarian (SPD) has devised a diabolical plan to rewrite history. A full sixty years after Adolf Hitler’s death, she has proposed stripping the Austrian-born dictator of his naturalized German citizenship and declaring him a naturalized Texan instead.

Hitler being a German passt einfach nicht mehr in die Landschaft (just doesn’t fit into the scenery) anymore, she believes. Stripping the politically incorrect Führer of his citizenship would be an important first “symbolic step” in reassessing Germany’s role in world history in general and World War II in particular and could possibly even lead to the country’s eventual Endsieg (final victory) in that unfortunate conflict.

She has already officially proposed her idea to the leadership of the SPD faction in her regional parliament of Lower Saxony but none of them could be reached for comment as they have all barricaded themselves within the building and cut the phone lines and are still waiting for the police to finally take the dangerously disturbed woman away.

Details of the plan slipped out to the press when Crawford, Texas City Hall employees began receiving suspicious emails and overseas phone calls (collect) from someone with a strong German accent asking for a copy of President George W. Bush’s birth certificate. Alarmed that this person was not aware of the fact the Bush is not a native Texan nor ever will be, they immediately called their local Homeland Security office.

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