That the German military is looked down upon in this country is one thing (the weapons industry is still okay, though). But when high-ranking officers won’t openly adhere to pacifistic views (preferably of the hysterical kind) like they are supposed to do, why, that is simply intolerable. Take ex-NATO General Klaus Naumann, for instance. He has actually come out in public and said that the German “debate” about plans by the United States to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe demonstrates a “near unbelievable ignorance” on the part of the politicians warning of a new arms race and that most of what they have to say about the issue is “sheer nonsense.”

But who wants to listen to that? He is a general, after all. Especially now, when a real “scandal” is brewing right here in Germany. It seems that the entire nation is empört (shocked and outraged – gets my vote for the most popular word in the German language, by the way) again, this time about a parliamentary commissioner’s report on how the Bundeswehr is underfinanced. Gee, what a shocker. Who would have thought that the Bundeswehr could be underfinanced?

But nobody is scandalized about the Bundeswehr not being an effective, potential fighting force because of this, of course. No, the scandal part is about the conditions within the military barracks here in Germany. I kid you not. You see, soldiers are forced to live in quarters filled with mold and “disgusting bathrooms.” And all of this because of the unbearable burden which is being placed upon the nation by having to support 9000 (that’s right, a 9 with 3 zeros) German troops in foreign missions like Afghanistan, Lebanon and the Balkans.

Gee, maybe it’s time to start thinking about pulling those German troops back out of Afghanistan? Mold certainly hasn’t had any time to build there. And then the Bundeswehr will have the resources it so desperately needs to finally get these shocking and outrageous barracks in Schuss (tip top).

Zum Befehl, Herr General!PS: Thank’s for the way cool “dial-a-mob” link, Joe. I’m sure this will come in handy when the next wave of anti-missile demos hit the street.

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