As if their country’s tireless pursuit to produce a small army of elitist, preppy snobs was not tasteless enough, a team of German students from the Technische Universität Darmstadt (insiders call them the Darmstadt Dorks) just won first place in a competition to design and build the most attractive and energy-efficient solar-powered house. This competition took place in the United States of America, of all places, on the freakin’ National Mall, for crying out loud, at Al Gore HIMSELF’s birthplace or something, so-to-speak.

Clearly blinded by all that sunlight reflecting off the solar panels, judges failed to detect just how it was that the Teutonic technicians were able to aussteche (trump) our teams (20 teams in all) and take first place right from underneath our running noses, but anybody with any sense out there knows that it could not have been done in a fair and sportsman-like manner – even though many of these students must surely also take drugs, as well.

The America of my youth was geekier than this, people. American geeks were once world class, cutting edge geeks, geekier than geek, so-to-speak. They used to spread fear and loathing and amusement, all three at once, to anyone willing to watch them, which practically nobody ever was, of course, but still.

Are we just going to stand there and let a bunch of European Möchtegern (wannabe) environmental knights in shining armor come to our country and beat us at our own geeky game? Looks like. But at least there’s still baseball.

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