The city council in the small Hessian town of Dietzenbach has obviously gone completely hog wild. In a reckless attempt to promote the integration of foreign children in their community, they have actually voted to start displaying the German flag in their kindergartens. But it doesn’t stop there: They also want to hang the picture of German president Horst Köhler on kindergarten walls. And as if that hadn’t been enough already, they are also going to insist upon German being the only language of use allowed upon school grounds.

Waving German flags and German president photos and speaking German in a small German town? Hello? Have they lost their minds?

This is a town with 30 percent of its population being foreigners, you see. So, well, I guess it’s politically incorrect to ask 30 percent of your population to speak the same language and respect the same traditions you do. At any rate, the SPD and the Greens and the FDP and the “Foreigners Advisory Council” and practically everybody else except the kindergartners themselves are outraged and up-in-arms and flabbergasted and überhaupt, the World Cup has been over for months so pack that baby back up.

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