A fisherman in Bavaria claims to have seen a two-meter long crocodile approach him while he was fishing from the shore of a small lake near the town of Amberg. Standing up at the sight, the fisherman startled the creature which then turned and quickly swam away, violently splashing the waters behind it with its huge, reptilian tail. Local police are taking the man’s story quite seriously as he says he is “absolutely sure” of having seen the thing. They have begun a thorough investigation of the incident and are now searching for the animal.

When interviewed later by reporters the fisherman, still clearly exited and with not a little bit of liquor on his breath, said that in all his years of fishing in Bavaria, this was only the second one he had ever seen a crocodile of this size and color. “The other ones are usually much smaller and pink with little yellow poke dots on their snouts,“ he said.

Another local fisherman warned police that this was also the same guy who called in last year with the story about the car found at the bottom of the same lake. Some scuba divers just happened to be in the area as the man said he snagged his line while fishing from a small boat. He asked the men if they would go down and have a look. They came back up after a good while and reported that although he had obviously caught the biggest fish either of them had ever seen, the fishing line had somehow become tangled up around the steering wheel of a wrecked car at the bottom of the lake.

When the fisherman then asked the scuba divers to go back down again and untangle the line they refused, one of them saying: “We already tried that, but every time we try to reach inside to untangle it, the son of a bitch rolls up the window.” 

Police authorities would not confirm whether they will find the time to look for the car or not, as their hands are currently tied looking for the crocodile instead.

I caught this fish once, buddy. It was THIS big.

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