Unconfirmed reports are coming in that a group of mad and moderately drunken German scientists working at a place called the Innovationszentrum Wiesenbusch Gladbeck have not only succeeded in developing a refrigerator which has harnessed the sun’s energy to cool the little beer they seem to have left, the ammoniac-water absorption process they devised also suddenly went haywire and shot a massive gamma ray burst to Mars which then destroyed what little ozone layer was still available there and initiated Earth’s global warming on that planet, too.

Immediately after the unverantwortliche (irresponsible) experiment and resulting Martian ozone vaporization took place, images of a massive avalanche consisting of melting ice and alien dust particles were captured by a US American spacecraft orbiting the red planet.

“Hey, what do you want? We all knew that this global warming hysteria stuff wasn’t going to remain restricted to the narrow confines of our own little blue planet forever,” one of the smartass beer-guzzling eggheads said. “You know you love it. We’ve just taken this thing über-global. We’ve broadened everyone’s horizons when it comes to raising the awareness of just how inconvenient a truth this global warming phenomenon can be, so-to-speak (belching sound). No more apathy, people. It’s time for each and every one of us to act. Now.”

The scientists refused to speculate about when or even if the new refrigerator will be made commercially available, insisting that a few more fine-tuning experiments have yet to be carried out during a party they have planned for this coming weekend.

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