Not only was the Berlin anti-Scientology-Cruise western front breached yesterday when German government officials reversed their decision to ban him from filming scenes for that big Hollywood and therefore awful Valkyrie production at a World War II memorial site located here, the anti-McDonald’s eastern front in Kreuzberg (okay, the near eastern front) has apparently collapsed altogether.

Despite massive (not) Volkssturm-like efforts to prevent the American-led and therefore evil globalization invasion of what was perhaps the very last McDonald’s-free-zone in Europe, a new McDonald’s has ever so quietly opened on Wrangelstraße (on the corner of Skalitzer Straße for any of you surviving activists out there) after all and has begun selling its so-called McDonald’s “food” to anyone who is daring enough to buy it (a lot of folks have called in asking if they do take-out delivery but the management won’t budge, not so far, anyway). But hey, what’s the big deal? They are probably only going to sell McSojaburgers or some other goofy nonsense like that there anyway.

Unconditional surrender has not been asked for but seems to have been given anyway. The wussies (place evil Vincent Price Thriller-like laugh here). Hmmm. I’m lovin’ it. Where do we go from here? Or is it more like: Where do you want to go today? I forget.

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