The beleaguered Church of Scientology seems to have shots being fired at it from all directions. In The US they are dealing with a murky group known merely as Anonymous that have created havoc for the Church, there have been cyber attacks on their web site, a big push on online message boards to get the ‘Scientology is bunk’ message out, and last weekend peaceful demonstrations outside of many Scientology ‘churches’ across the US. Maybe the most well reported being the one in Phoenix.

Well our little Dianetics fans, have problems abroad as well. For some time now Germany has been making noises about Scientology, clearly the German government does not like the organization. There has been a bit of a war waging of late, surprisingly enough, a war out in the open. This is not a way that  the Scientologists really like to do business, well unless it is on their own terms.

Deutsche Welle has a good description of the war being waged. Essentially Germany feels that Scientology may not be operating in a way that is compatible with the democracy of the country. To quote another web site “Germany’s top security officials reiterated in December they consider Scientology to be in conflict with the principles of the German constitution. They requested that state officials begin gathering information to consider whether they have sufficient grounds to seek a ban on the organization.”

Essentially the Germans have created an ‘open season’ on Scientology. The courts have ruled that the security services can, and more importantly, will keep an eye on the organization.

Naturally this created a great deal of hot air, bluster, and bull shit from Thetan HQ. Karin Pouw, public affairs director for the Los Angeles, Calif.,-based Church of Scientology International, said the church is confident it will prevail in the dispute. “Despite over 10 years of intrusive investigation and harassment of Scientologists, not one shred of evidence has been uncovered to justify this politically motivated investigation,” Pouw said in a statement e-mailed to The AP.

The heat is definitely being turned up on this cult. One wonders how much longer they will keep their Tax Free status?

Simon Barrett 

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