German Beamte (civil servants) rightly have a rotten image here and are viewed as belonging to a privileged class, which of course they are. Actually, calling them civil servants is really a little ambiguous. A classless society like Germany actually insists upon putting its public employees into two classes, namely ordinary employees Angestellte (bad) and Beamte (worse), and the Beamte, being officially beamtet (officially worse) don’t really serve anybody at all other than themselves maybe, and that probably not all that well, either.

The original idea was that whoever represents the state by doing official duties like issuing official documents or making official decisions should have a special kind of official employment with the state, officially. So now it is official, as is the fact that about 61% of those asked during a recent survey (3000 total, 1000 of these being Beamte themselves) do not like Beamte. This is strange because I was under the impression that Beamte must make up about 61% of the total population here, at least.

When asked just what it was that they did not like about Beamte, about a quarter of those surveyed said that they see them as being lazy and obstinate, which of course they are (although that’s actually the nice way of putting it). And it turns out that the Beamte themselves don’t trust the Beamte around them either, which only makes sense really, as they are officials working officially for the state and need to stay on their toes at all times.

But all of them here, Angestellte, Beamte and those surveyed alike, feel that they deserve to earn more money than they already do. Maybe that explains why German train drivers are demanding a 31% raise at the moment and have begun to strike. But that’s just a Vermutung (conjecture) on my part.

So is this type of attitude fair? Probably not. But who cares? After all, the very Germans surveyed who said they don’t like Beamte also said that the professions they admire the most were those of firemen, police, judges and teachers. And you guessed it, these folks are all Beamte here. So come on people. Give yourselves a push and go out there and start bashing these professions now, too.

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