Visibly irritated by all the lousy women parkers like herself out there, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has proposed the introduction of smaller cars in Germany to make parking less of an ordeal for Frauen (girls) and those who have to watch them. Park, I mean.

Political realist that she is, however – a tough year of shameful political compromise within her ruling grand coalition is now behind her – Chancellor Merkel says that she would also be open to a larger parking space initiative, as well.

In a sly move aimed to put pressure on a skeptical German automobile industry, the Bundeskanzlerin then alluded to her personal preference for the Mini, a car of unquestionable British design.

Parliamentarians hearing these comments were clearly shocked at her sudden, unannounced political braking, her awkward reverse from recent comments made on the subject, and her obvious inability to parallel park her initiative within the proper government steering committee.

At least the men Parliamentarians were.

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