And that’s a lot. Latent, blatant, it’s all anti-Americanism to me. I mean, to you. Or at least that’s what the results of yet another jaw-dropping (yawn) survey has to tell us. The Pew Research Center (pronounced phew as in “phew the beach stinks today”) has determined – now get ready for this – that Germans have a negative view of the United States of America! Say it isn’t so. Come on guys, go recheck those numbers again or something. Washington eggheads.

Whether it is the more common household variety of the latent we-never-really-liked-you-to-begin-with-but-now-there’s-Bush-thank-goodness anti-Americanism or the more blatant we-always-hated-you-because-we-needed-you-but-now-we-don’t-anymore kind, America’s image has, well, let’s say dropped over the past few years – and no, it hasn’t been just during the course of the past five years, either.

And although another survey paints a different picture – many Germans may still tend to have a more positive view regarding something they like to call “the American people” – this unfortunately doesn’t really mean anything. The American government they so hate is of course a government of these very people for these very people and by these very people, so nice try but what you’re saying doesn’t really add up.

And then there’s this initiative in Tübingen: Rent an American. You know, “Look at your own country through other people’s eyes” and all that? Well that’s all very admirable and I wish them the best of luck with their mutual understanding and their healthy exchange of ideas and all that, but…

You never know, you know? Maybe this is just another diabolical German plan to get their hooks into to some cheap American labor. I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. And when’s the last time you tried to throw a German somewhere? Hmm, my view of Germany seems to have dropped over these past few years, too.

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